The Burnham Foundation 

The catalyst for establishing The Burnham Foundation (TBF) was the 2012 Olympiad which made a big impact on our local community.   It was inspiring to observe the plethora of volunteers that supported all of the events.

It was evident that sports and ‘the arts’ deserved more support and that we should encourage both the able and less-able groups to participate.

TBF’s first grant was made in 2013 to Friends of Burnham Library who were staging an arts competition and since then a further 29 grants have been awarded to the value of £7k.  A list of all grants made is shown below. 

At TBF’s 2020 Annual General Meeting, it was resolved to broaden its purpose to also support the building of greater environmental awareness.  The ten categories which we have identified so far as suitable for funding are listed on our grants page.

The Burnham Park Tree trail was developed in 2020 and during 2022 another tree trail featuring the southern churchyard at St Peter’s Church was published.   A tree trail of the northern churchyard at St. Peter’s is also work in progress.  More details are given under the Tree Trail header on this website.

A supper at Burnham Park Hall is also being planned with the title ‘What can we learn from trees?’ on Apple Day – October 21st 2022 – see below for details. 

The impact of the pandemic, cost of energy and inflation crises that we are all currently experiencing is almost impossible to comprehend.   TBF are prepared to support and collaborate with all the other local organisations who will also be mindful of the challenges we are all facing.

THF’s current trustees are

Viv Nicholas – chairman

Les Stuart – secretary

Toni-Ann Hiryama

Veronica White has resigned as a trustee as she has moved away from Burnham but has kindly agreed to continue to serve as treasurer.

The 2021 AGM minutes and 2022 annual accounts, AGM meeting agenda  and chairman’s report are all accessible below.  

Viv Nicholas. September 2022.



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